Why us


TOPS BALLET INTERNATIONAL CENTER (TOPS BALLET™) provides the most professional ballet classes and private training program for foreign residents and ballet lovers.

Looking for ballet classes or exploring local dance opportunities in China? Join us!
We offer tailored training programs for new and experienced children and adult dancers.
By learning ballet with us you will have:

  • No worry about the language
    Don't speak Chinese? No problem. You can communicate with us in English.
  • No worry if you are a beginner
    Our instructors will help you step by step from the very beginning.
  • The most professional instruction
    Unlike other studio, all of our instructors have more than a decade On-Stage experiences.
    Our dance studio with professional dance floors that reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.
  • One-stop professional services
    We can help you to get ballet shoes, leotard etc.
  • Approaches to local professionals and information of local performing arts
    Professionalism makes it possible for us to help you expanding your local culture knowledge and personal network.

Besides, you’ll have much fun and enjoyment, and make more new friends while staying in China.